A collection of posts

Here is a collection of older posts that present various tips, know-how, or just comments regarding Windows Live Writer. This is a temporary post.


Shared Blogging with Live Writer

24/04  Different Views

03/04  Vertical Panoramas

01/03  Panoramas of things that are straight

11/01  Sourcing content for your WordPress Gallery Page

10/01  Setup and Maintain a Photo Gallery Page with Live Writer

21/12  Ludwig’s Gallery

20/11  Set Photo Gallery to remove sensitive data from photos prior to uploading

18/11  JPG Options in Windows Live Photo Gallery


Can I schedule my blog post to appear at a specific date and time?

Can WordPress categories be managed with Windows Live Writer?

What does this Windows Live Writer error message mean: “”The blog theme couldn’t be downloaded”?

How do I connect Windows Live Writer to my WordPress blog?

Where are the thumbnails stored for a post with a SkyDrive album?


Photo Edit Tools in Live Writer

Sourcing blog post images from SkyDrive

Optimize your photos for speedy presentation

Spaces to WordPress – help your readers with post tags

Spaces to WordPress – photos and slide shows – Pages

Spaces to WordPress – photos and slide shows – Widgets

Adding Zoom.It Pictures to your Site or Blog

Live Writer – Windows Live Essentials – beta (Wave 4)

Using fancy fonts in your blog post – Windows Live Writer

Fun with Windows Live Writer and Photo Gallery

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