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Live Writer Tutorial Series

Technogran presents a well done series of tutorials over on Technogran’s Tittle Tattle. Even if you are an expert with Live Writer these post are worth your while.

Blogging with Windows Live Writer 2011. 1.Let’s begin!

Blogging with Windows Live Writer. 2. Writing your post.

Blogging with Windows Live Writer 2011. 3. Let’s insert something!

Blogging with Windows Live Writer 2011. 4. Inserting Everything bar the kitchen sink.

Blogging with Windows Live Writer 2011. 5. A closer look at photos.

Blogging with Windows Live Writer 6. Handling your blog account.

Blogging with Windows Live Writer. 7. Handling those files!

Blogging with Windows Live Writer 8. Categories, tags and dates.


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Sourcing SkyDrive photos may fail

SkyDrive has made recent changes (August 2012) that may cause sourced images to not show.

Especially for my “boilerplate” at the bottom of posts, I source little images from a SkyDrive album called “Utilities”. Prior to August 1, 2012, the sharing of this folder was set to “People with a view link” and worked perfectly across my various blogs. image

Then all my links on the bottom suddenly no longer showed the little pictures, my links at the bottom looked like this:


The links worked fine, of course the readers had no clue unless they moved the pointer to the image placeholders.

Changing the sharing setting to Everyone restored the images to operational status.

If you notice that your SkyDrive sourced images no longer show up in your posts, check the Sharing setting.

imageClick Sharing to display the settings, click Share folder.  In the next dialog click Get a link. Click the Make public button.

You can ignore the public share URL provided.

Continue to source images as before:

Click the image, in the information pane on the right click View original. Then copy the URL from the browser address bar (Ctrl+C).

This does mean that your sourced images have to be public, and when people get into your SkyDrive they can see the pictures. It also means that Microsoft is more careful with the access controls, and that is really a good thing.


© 2012 Ludwig Keck


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