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Getting found with Technorati


This is a post to establish ownership for Technorati.

One of the pleasant things about blogging is that it provides a way for finding new readers and friends. This, like many other blogs, is aimed at a specific audience, but there may be many other folks who are looking for information on this topic. The topic of this blog is using Windows Live Writer for preparing blog posts. It is intended for beginning bloggers.

One way of helping others is to provide references and links to blogs covering similar topics. Technorati is a quick way to connect with others. Just click on one of the terms below and Technorati will show other blogs covering this topic. 

This specific post includes a code to help Technorati verify the ownership. If you would like to learn more about Technorati and their services, click on the first term below.


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A collection of posts

Here is a collection of older posts that present various tips, know-how, or just comments regarding Windows Live Writer. This is a temporary post.


Shared Blogging with Live Writer

24/04  Different Views

03/04  Vertical Panoramas

01/03  Panoramas of things that are straight

11/01  Sourcing content for your WordPress Gallery Page

10/01  Setup and Maintain a Photo Gallery Page with Live Writer

21/12  Ludwig’s Gallery

20/11  Set Photo Gallery to remove sensitive data from photos prior to uploading

18/11  JPG Options in Windows Live Photo Gallery


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Can WordPress categories be managed with Windows Live Writer?

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How do I connect Windows Live Writer to my WordPress blog?

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Photo Edit Tools in Live Writer

Sourcing blog post images from SkyDrive

Optimize your photos for speedy presentation

Spaces to WordPress – help your readers with post tags

Spaces to WordPress – photos and slide shows – Pages

Spaces to WordPress – photos and slide shows – Widgets

Adding Zoom.It Pictures to your Site or Blog

Live Writer – Windows Live Essentials – beta (Wave 4)

Using fancy fonts in your blog post – Windows Live Writer

Fun with Windows Live Writer and Photo Gallery

Tags in blogs

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