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Learning to Use Live Writer – Step by Step

Windows Live Writer is the unchallenged leader in blog preparation applications. It is an easy to use – WYSIWYG, what you see is what you get – editor that functions just like a regular word processor, but at the same time takes care of the details of blogging.

This site aims to help newcomers to blogging and to Windows Live Writer to get started, and provides tips, techniques, and information of use and interest to more advanced bloggers.

This is a blog, after all, so the posts are not in any particular order. What is more, as time goes on some information in older posts will become outdated, and even incorrect.

This page lists information and posts in an orderly fashion as a new blogger would need.

Please note: This page is under construction – it will change frequently. At the present there is but a skeleton outline, in time this will be filled in. If you have any questions or comments please use the form on the About page.

A fine tutorial series is offered by Technogran over at Technogran’s Tittle Tattle. This is very well done. Find links to the tutorials in this post:  Live Writer Tutorial Series.

Getting Started

A new blogger first needs to set up a blog, install Live Writer and connect it to the blog. These steps are covered in these posts:

Getting Started–Setting up Your Blog

Windows Live Writer–Overview

Getting Started–Pick your Soapbox

Connect Windows Live Writer to your Blog

The Anatomy of a Post


Text Preparation

Preparing text

Selecting fonts in Live Writer


Inserting Pictures and Other Elements

Inserting Photos

Image Management for Live Writer created blogs

Arranging photos in blog posts

“Insert Picture” in Live Writer – a look behind the curtain

Hyperlinks in your Posts


Linking to SkyDrive Albums

A SkyDrive Photo Album in your Blog Post



Inserting maps in blog posts


Bringing in Photos from other Sites


Sourcing photos from SkyDrive is now easy

Using SkyDrive Photos in Your Blog Post


Sourcing images from Flickr


Using myPicturetown to store blog images



Publishing your Posts



Getting the word out


Getting found with Technorati


Putting your best foot – post – forward

How to Spruce up the Three Shingles of Your Posts

Your Blog as a website


Creating a Static Page on your Blog


Other Topics

When Live Writer is WYSInotquiteWYG

Using Bookmarks in Live Writer

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