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Using Bookmarks in Live Writer

Bookmarks, also called anchors, are code on a page or in a post that you can navigate to with a hyperlink to avoid having to scroll down to the place. Such bookmarks are not visible. Since Live Writer is a “wysiwyg” editor you can’t insert a bookmark in Edit mode. Live Writer does not offer that item, although it offers several other “invisible’ items. Using a bookmark requires identifying the place, the “bookmark”, and a link somewhere else to that bookmark. The code is easy enough. Here is what you do.

The bookmark

SchoolAt the place where you wish to insert an anchor, the place that will be at the top of the browser window when linked to, type some text that you can easily find in the Source window. I like a string like this “xxxxx”. Then click the Source tab (lower left). Locate the locater text and insert the bookmark code, replacing the locater string, like this:

<a name=”bookmark”></a>

Type the code as shown here with a name in place of bookmark. The bookmark name should contain no spaces or symbols. I like to put bookmarks on a line by themselves in the code.

You can also include text in the bookmark code which will be shown at the top of the browser window. The code will then have this form:

<a name=”bookmark”>Bookmark Text</a>

This is all you need for the bookmark, you can have as many as you like, of course, the names have to be different.

The bookmark link

imageBookmarks by themselves are of no use, they need a hyperlink somewhere else. Such links can be in the same post or the same page, they can also be in different post or even different websites. For links on the same page, a local link, the code need not include the web address. For linking to a bookmark on a different site the web address has to be included so there are two forms to the hyperlink.

For a local link you need to type the link code in Source view. Type the text that you wish to make into the hyperlink in Edit mode then click the Source tab and add the needed code. The code is like this:

<a href=#bookmark>Link Text</a>

Here bookmark is the name of the bookmark. Note that the pound sign, #, is required. The Link Text is the text that you want as the hyperlink.

If you wish to link to a bookmark on another site, the full URL has to be included. Inserting such a link can be done with the Insert – Hyperlink tool, just don’t forget the bookmark part.

<a href=>Link Text</a>

Here is a demonstration: Photosynth – the previous word links to the bookmark for the Photosynth section on the This ‘n That resource page.


© 2011 Ludwig Keck

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