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Live Writer Tutorial Series

Technogran presents a well done series of tutorials over on Technogran’s Tittle Tattle. Even if you are an expert with Live Writer these post are worth your while.

Blogging with Windows Live Writer 2011. 1.Let’s begin!

Blogging with Windows Live Writer. 2. Writing your post.

Blogging with Windows Live Writer 2011. 3. Let’s insert something!

Blogging with Windows Live Writer 2011. 4. Inserting Everything bar the kitchen sink.

Blogging with Windows Live Writer 2011. 5. A closer look at photos.

Blogging with Windows Live Writer 6. Handling your blog account.

Blogging with Windows Live Writer. 7. Handling those files!

Blogging with Windows Live Writer 8. Categories, tags and dates.


© 2012 Ludwig Keck


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A SkyDrive Photo Album in your Blog Post

Sometimes a single photo just is not enough. Windows Live Writer offers an attractive way to insert a link to a SkyDrive album. You can select from a number of layouts to show thumbnails from the album.

Here is an album of photos from the Georgia Botanical Garden. This is a working link, of course, just click on any part of it to see the SkyDrive album.

Here is the procedure:

As you are writing your article in Windows Live Writer , click the Insert tab. In the Media group click Photo Album, then select Add online album… The command is illustrated here.

SDalbums01If you are signed in to Live Writer the insert dialog will download information from your SkyDrive. You can change to another account by clicking Switch user.




Select the album that you wish to insert by clicking the thumbnail, then click Insert.

The default layout, called “Album style”, is the first one shown in the Photo Album Tools Ribbon which comes up when the album set is clicked. Note that there is a Shuffle photos command to change the order of the thumbnails in the set.

Illustrated below is the Photo Album Tools Ribbon and a selection of the album styles that are available. Just click on another style to rearrange the looks of the thumbnails.SDalbums08

The title of the album will be shown as it is on SkyDrive. This can be edited by just editing the text – as you can see in this article.

There will be two links added to the thumbnail set, “VIEW SLIDE SHOW” and “DOWNLOAD ALL”. These cannot be removed. The “VIEW…” link with take your viewer to your SkyDrive album. There the visitor can step through the photos – unfortunately the automatically running slide show is no longer available (as of July 2011). Your visitor can download the album from the blog or from the SkyDrive album. Please note that visitors have access to all of the public folders in your SkyDrive.

You can really dress up a post with these thumbnail sets and make your photos in SkyDrive available to your readers.



© 2011 Ludwig Keck

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