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Live Writer Lives!

Live Writer continues as Open Live Writer

There was an announcement today that will bring cheer to bloggers who have used and cherished Windows Live Writer. The team at Microsoft has been allowed to take this marvelous blogging tool to the open source community where its development and support can live on.

Long live Open Live Writer!

For the details go to Scott Hanselman’s blog post.


The website for the new tool is Download the initial version 0.5. It looks, feels, and works just like Windows Live Writer. There are some things that had to be left out. But the team will catch up and keep this the finest blogging tool bar none!

One more thing: This post was made entirely using the new Open Live Writer. It installed cleanly, downloaded the theme details from my blog, and worked smoothly. Even allowed me to put in the html code for the “boilerplate” on the bottom.

Great work OLW team! Continue on!!